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Best Director Nominee Christopher Nolan Dunkirk: Oscars 2018

Yaay! Mighty Christopher Nolan has got nominated for the Best Director Oscar again. Even after giving movies like The Prestige, Inception, Memento, Interstellar this guy couldn’t get his hands over the golden trophy of the Oscars. It is his fifth Oscars Nomination and yes, we want him to win this time. He was nominated for Inception and Memento before, but couldn’t get through. With Dunkirk, it is his best chance to win. Will he win Best Director Oscar? Well, the time will tell or precisely 4th March will tell.


Christopher Nominated for the War Drama Dunkirk

Dunkirk is a movie based on an event of World War 2. The movie is based on an evacuation which is considered to the be the biggest war evacuation in the history. As it is a war movie, the first thing which comes to anybody’s mind that there will be guns, battle sequences, tanks, planes. But, Dunkirk is not your regular war movie. Nolan made it in a way that was unique, mesmerizing and complex at the same time.

Dunkirk shows 3 timelines and three stories. All the timelines are independent and get merged with each other in their respective times. This plot makes the movie complex but it is the beauty of Dunkirk. With Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan leaves his signature, a complex and intelligent storytelling and again the script in this movie was the real hero.

Christopher Nolan is Best Director Nominee and Best Picture Nominee

Nolan is not only Nominated for the Best Director Oscars 2018, but he is also nominated in the Best Picture Oscars Category. Yes! 2 Nomination in a year. Dunkirk is nominated for the Best Picture 2018. This, the time only can tell that which trophy he will take home, either or neither.

Enjoy Dunkirk Movie Trailer here

Dunkirk was released in in July 2017, and in no time it became a phenomenon. People love the way Nolan sir presented the movie. Critics praised the effort. Here we have embedded the trailer of the movie in which you can feel the intensity with which it was made. You will get to see everyone’s favourite Tom Hardy, and Cillian Murphy in this trailer. The movie was made in a way that no actor seems to be playing a lead role but their own. Dunkirk evacuation event was so great that one person cannot be shown as a hero and that was the risk Christopher Nolan took and delivered.

Fifth Oscar Nomination for Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan has directed 10 commercial movies so far or I must say he has made 10 masterpieces. Either it is a simple story of Memento made complex or a complex story of Inception presented with perfection. Everything Nolan touches becomes a glittering gold. All his movies will be remembered and praised for a long time.

The first Oscars nomination for Christopher Nolan came to for Memento. He was nominated for Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen along with his brother Jonathan Nolan. His next 2 Nomination came after a long time for the Science Fiction masterpiece Inception.

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